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A Point of (F)light IV
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I am a South African and Namibian artist and illustrator. I graduated from the University of Stellenbosch with a BA degree in Visual Art (Fine Art) in 2015. I have since lived, worked and travelled to various places and cities across Asia. I currently live in Vietnam with my husband and fur-baby, Sam, where I have established my art practise, as well as a yoga & meditation studio. My art practise is in large part an expression of and a response to my personal experience of life and being human. I am someone who feels everything very deeply and can suffer from episodes of severe anxiety and emotional storms. In coming to terms with and accepting who and how I am, my yoga & art practices have become indispensable to my mental wellness. These practices serve as anchors, allowing me to create space for and sit with that which is uncomfortable, as well to be present for and appreciate the small and everyday things in life. 


I am a multi-disciplinary artist working across the fields of painting, photography, drawing and illustration. I have a deep fascination with colours, textures and patterns and enjoy exploring and experimenting with them in my work. I recently discovered my love for illustrating children's picture books, and hope to write and illustrate many more in the years to come.


"Thanks to impermanence, everything is possible."

~Thich Nhat Hahn, Zen Buddhist Master

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2024 Picture This! (World Wide Picture Book Illustration

Competition) Winner, South Africa

2024 "Pim, The Rock Who Became a Star" a children's picture book written by Dr. Elzette Fritz and illustrated by Nicola Fouché, is self-published and released on Amazon.

2023 The Topography of Emotion: Mapping Internal Spaces, Atelier Nonne 11, Bamberg, Germany2014, Bank Windhoek Triennially, Namibia

2021/22 Quilting Black Holes Into Planets: An Online Exhibition,

2020 Hiii Illustration 2018 International Competition Exhibition, Nanjing, China

2020 A Point of Flight: Pop-up Exhibition, Hermanus, South Africa

2019 Art For Heart Exhibition & Charity Auction, Shanghai, China

2017 Booknesses Book Art Exhibition, FADA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

2017 Post-Presence: An Instagram Gallery Takeover, San Francisco, United States of America

2015 Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University Graduate Exhibition, South Africa

2015 Sasol New Signatures Top 100 Exhibition, South Africa

2015 Barclays l’atelier Top 100 Exhibition, South Africa

2014 Bank Windhoek Triennially, Namibia

Work held in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Namibia

About My Work


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