In Conversation with Myself

To me, painting and drawing has always been an intuitive, highly self-reflective and intimate act. By extracting imagery, colour and symbols from a well deep within myself, I paint in order to better understand the creative process, and in so doing better understand myself and the world which I move through. In attempting to visualise what I mean by this I always end up coming back to the image of a long and winding path leading deeper and deeper into my mind and my experiences. Lining the path are ethereal and other-worldly apparitions, some who have always been there and some who were led there by the journey of life. And so, as I meander along the path, encountering each shadow, each presence, we enter into a kind of dance-like conversation. It is this dialogue which eventually spills over onto the canvas. Working on a series of paintings, — because it always starts with a painting — fosters an intimate relationship between myself and these apparitions, where each brushstroke and each mark deepens the discussion. Until, eventually, the work takes on a life of its own and — should you listen closely — will begin to tell you all of its secrets and all of its needs and wants. Out of this collaboration inspiration springs forth and soon drawings and photographs and artist’s books begin to populate the studio. This entire process is deliciously metaphorical, completely intoxicating and lies at the very basis of why I make art.

The Trees of Fish I.jpg