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  • 2014, Bank Windhoek Triennially, Namibia

  • 2015, Barclays l’atelier Top 100 Exhibition, South Africa

  • 2015, Sasol New Signatures Top 100 Exhibition, South Africa

  • 2015, Visual Arts Department of Stellenbosch University Graduate Exhibition, South Africa

  • 2017, Post-Presence: An Instagram Gallery Takeover, San Francisco, United States of America

  • 2017, Booknesses Book Art Exhibition, FADA Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa

  • 2019, Art For Heart Exhibition & Charity Auction, Shanghai, China

  • 2020, Hiii Illustration 2018 International Competition Exhibition, Nanjing, China

  • 2020, A Point of Flight: Pop-up Exhibition, Hermanus, South Africa

  • 2021/22, Quilting Black Holes Into Planets: An Online Exhibition,

  • 2023, The Topography of Emotion: Mapping Internal Spaces, Atelier Nonne 11, Bamberg, Germany

Work held in the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Namibia

Dreaming of Home
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